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Every job on LineHire is a paid campaign The upfront fee paid by clients means every job is a real need from a client who needs candidates to place You will not be working with un-engaged clients who are just fishing!

LineHire rewards Talent Scouts when your candidates have onsite interviews, and again after your candidates are placed.

LineHire gives you access to new clients and jobs to work on

LineHire Campaigns

Clients pay a campaign fee upfront and LineHire promotes the need to industry specific recruiters called Talent Scouts. LineHire pays out the campaign fee to Talent Scouts when their candidates get onsite interviews

Research and Contact

Talent Scouts research, find qualified candidates, and contact the best to verify their interest. You submit resumes and your matching assessment on LineHire.com

The candidate journey

The client's in-house team reviews submissions and contacts candidates they are interested in. You stay in contact with your candidate throughout the journey

Talent Scouts do

  • Use their recruiting best practices
  • Find qualified, availble, and interested candidates
  • Make first contact with candidates to verify they're interested in continuing the conversation with the client
  • Answer questions and field requests from clients sent through LineHire's messaging platform
  • Work confidentially, if the Talent Scout desires

Talent Scouts do not

  • Need to find their own job orders
  • Apply to work on job-by-job basis
  • Rely solely on placement fees - LineHire also pays rewards when candidates have onsite interviews

Some of our Campaigns

LineHire has found passive candidates for a variety of roles