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LineHire provides Qualified and Interested candidates so companies can increase their internal fill rate

As easy as a job board, provides agency-quality candidates, and saves 80% - 90% versus agency recruiters

How do LineHire Campaigns help companies hire?

Employers are trying to maximize the number of openings filled by in-house recruitment teams. To achieve an internal fill rate approaching 100%, your in-house team needs the best tools available. LineHire puts companies in touch with qualified candidates not found on job boards.

Is this similar to a job board?

Running a LineHire campaign is just as easy as posting to a job board (we'll even set it up for you). And, while the cost of a LineHire campaign is less than $1,000, the source of candidates is completely different than job boards. Job boards provide only candidates that are actively looking at that moment. LineHire is populated by Talent Scouts, rather than by candidates themselves. So, the candidates submitted on LineHire are generally currently employed, passively looking candidates that are a great fit for your professional positions.

How does it work?

  • Employers use LineHire's platform to launch Campaigns which include a job description, title, location, required skills, and even preferred previous employers - anything that will help Talent Scouts know exactly the type of person they are looking for to fill the role.
  • We'll review the description and email you an invoice. The campaign then goes live at
  • Your job is broadcast to industry specific professional Talent Scouts
  • Talent Scouts research, contact, and submit qualified and interested candidates
  • You receive resumes and contact info for Talent Scouts' top candidates through emails and also on the LineHire website. You can contact any of the candidates you are interested in.
  • LineHire rewards Talent Scouts when their candidates get an onsite interview
  • Each Talent Scout is allowed a limited number of submissions for your role, encouraging presentation of only the most qualified candidates

How does the Placement Fee work?

When you list your position, you select what Placement Fee you’re willing to pay if you hire a Candidate received through LineHire. Starting at only $1,000, the Placement Fee motivates Talent Scoutsiters to submit the best candidates, and aligns their interests with yours. LineHire Placement Fees are just a fraction of the 20% to 30% fees that are common with traditional third-party recruiter arrangements.

What are my benefits in using LineHire Campaigns?

Less quantity and more quality

Unlike Job Boards, which result in a mountain of applications from active job seekers and very few relevant candidates LineHire campaigns are addressed to professional Talent Scouts across the country. You get access to those candidates who probably never see your job ad.

Direct contact to the best candidates

Unlike LinkedIn, which lets you find but not necessarily reach a good candidate, LineHire's Talent Scouts do the first candidate touch point and you receive a matching assessment and candidate contact information. Candidates are prepared by Talent Scouts to hear from you.


Campaigns last 30 days. You are free to contact candidate both during and after the campaign. By the end of the campaign period you have a pool of relevant candidates to choose from and often a few finalists lined up.

Dramatic cost reduction

Agency services cost anywhere from 20% to 33% of a candidate’s yearly salary. LineHire Campaign costs are comparable with a job board ad, and you can get great results with a placement fee as low as $1,000.

Risk Free

We guarantee qualified, interview-ready candidates.

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